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Specialising in dog training and behaviour



Metro Dogs specialise in dog training and behaviour. We work together with you, the client, to solve your dogs behavioural problems, as every dog is unique. A tailored modification programme will be provided to you following our consultation. Whether it's your dogs annoying habits, anxiety problems or you just need some advice, get in touch!

Does your dog...

Jump on people

Seem fearful and anxious

Have food agression

Ignore commands

Pull on the lead

Not come when called

Seek attention

Bark excessively

Have separation anxiety

Then get in touch for a consultation now! We help dog owners deal with many common issues, and can help you find the right solution. We work with you and your dog to find the source of the problems and work to fix them. So contact us to schedule a consultation, and have the rewarding relationship with your dog that you've always wanted, or find out more about us by clicking below.


What Pet Owners Say

"Amazing Support"

Pam helped me to understand and train my border collie, Ziggy. When I first got him at 7 months old, he had terrible food aggression. I was even nervous about feeding him because he’d growl at me, pee on the floor, and has even tried to bite me on occasion. With Pam’s help, Ziggy is much better around food and now I can even touch him or surprise him with treats during his meal, when I could’ve never done that before. She taught me a lot and gave me a step by step procedure to follow to ensure that I was being consistent in my training with Ziggy. Thanks so much Pam, you’ve been an amazing support! I would definitely recommend Metro Dogs.


"Would definitely recommend"

Pamela was awesome! She addressed all issues by spending the appropriate amount of time with my puppy and I and then sending me a comprehensive written report. She has also followed up multiple times after her visit to make sure things were going according to plan. Would highly recommend her with no hesitation.


"Pamela's been fantastic"

Pamela has been fantastic with my dog Milly, a pug x shitzhu (then 9 years old). Milly barked constantly, pulled on the lead and basically ruled the house. Pamela showed me the skills required and I now have a dog that walks great on the lead, barking at a minimum and a calmer household. It goes to show old dogs can still learn new things.