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At Metro Dogs, we get to know new clients through consultations, so we can get to know you and your dog. The consultation will be conducted at your home so we can see you and your dog in a familiar environment where they feel the most familiar. During this consultation, we will review a detailed history of your dogs behaviour, including all circumstances and events that could be causing your dogs unwanted behaviour. 

Reducing stress, creating positive associations, teaching incompatible behaviours and teaching appropriate responses are all part of the behaviour modification programme, a programme we tailor to you and your dogs needs after our initial consultation.

The tailored behaviour modification programme  covers what was discussed in the consultation and provides an easy to follow plan for you and your dog. This will be given to you within a week of your first consultation.

At Metro Dogs, we use methods that improve the life of you and your dog, and through strengthening this foundation, we strengthen and improve the relationship you have with your dog. We give you the tools you need for a training programme that will work.

If you want the calm and co-operative dog you've always wished for please contact us!

One-to-one Consultation

This will run 3-4 hours and will include a follow-up telephone conversation to check how you're getting on.

Zone 1 - $280

Zone 2 - $300

Zone 3 - Price Negotiable

Puppy Consultation

This will run for 1.5 hours and is often the best time to focus on training, to start your puppy off on the right paw.

Zone 1 - $140

Zone 2 - $160

Zone 3 - Price Negotiable

Zone Map

Find out which zone you're in. If you're still unsure, then just get in touch!